Activity Sensor

for Golf & Tennis

Swing sensor & iOS/Android app with training games & practice challenges for all ages and skill levels.


Swing Away!

Learn a new sport while you develop an active lifestyle.

At home, the backyard, the park, the office, on the course or the court. Sweet Spot’s introductory product will introduce you to the basics of developing a golf or tennis swing with games, lessons and challenges.


The most fun and easy to use

swing development system.


· Sweet Spot’s interactive training games make it fun for everyone
· Learn how to swing a golf club or tennis racket
· iOS/Android app provides feedback for improvement at all skill levels
· Tracks performance and provides training recommendations
· Practice at home, on the course or on the court
· One sensor for golf or tennis
· Attaches to any golf club or tennis racket (hardware included)
· Connects via Bluetooth Smart
· iOS / Android App

Develop Your Swing


Golf: Whether you fade, hook, slice, or cut, Sweet Spot will help you improve your swing.

Tennis: Measure each stroke to detect the location of each shot on the court.


Golf: Sweet Spot will measure your swing speed and tempo to estimate the distance of your shot.

Tennis: Measure the speed, angle, and location of your racket after each stroke. Practice service, forehand, and backhand strokes.


Golf: Consistency, progress, and practice. Sweet Spot measures your performance through real-time data analysis of your swing to help you develop your golf game.

Tennis: Practice and tempo will enhance consistency.  Sweet Spot measures and records your performance through real-time data analysis of your stroke to help you develop your tennis game.

Pre-Order Now!

What’s included:

  • Swing Development Gaming App
  • 1 Sweet Spot Sensor
  • 1 Golf Clip
  • 1 Tennis Sleeve
  • For iOS and Android

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